EcoHandling - Reverse Logistics & Reusable Packaging

Worldwide Reverse Logistics services | Tailor made Reusable Packages

Up to 35% cost saving & quick ROI

Eco Handling was founded in order to solve a logistic and environmental challenge for industrial packaging. The company’s mission is to transform the industry from relying on single use, heavy, expensive and environmentally damaging solutions to multi-use, light weight, cheaper eco-friendly packaging alternatives.

Eco Handling’s packaging replaces the single-use wood packaging with a reusable plastic one. The plastic packaging can be folded when empty, thus reducing storage and transport costs, in addition to eliminating the cost of wood waste disposal.

Up to 70% reduced emissions

Eco Handling provides a wide variety of packages for the purpose of transporting equipment in the supply chain – from small spare parts to heavy machinery. The packages are designed to protect the transported equipment from damages and shocks, they are significantly lighter than wood packages, and their use considerably reduces flight costs

In addition to cost reduction, Eco Handling packages provide added social benefits, such as forest preservation, pollution reduction, reducing emission of greenhouse gasses, increasing CSR values, and NIMBY solutions. These attributes have become of significant importance to corporations which are environmentally conscious.

Experienced Business Leadership

Company Overview

International shipping company

  • Global logistics and storage facilities
  • Sensitive, high-value equipment transportation experts
  • Experienced field packaging teams
  • Local operation, inventory and distribution management
  • ISO, AEO and ISPM certified
Noam Henkin CEO & founder
  • 20 years of pooling management
  • Academic lecturer on the topic of sustainable supply chain
  • Sustainable logistics expert and blogger
  • Former logistic operations manager at Tnuva (foods), Amisra-Gas (Gas company) and Yedioth Aharonot (Israel’s largest newspaper)
Industrial workers
Years business activity
Storage facilities worldwide